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Collective Wedding in Belgrade


TLC & Collective Wedding

in Belgrade

Collective Wedding is the traditional event that takes place each May in the City of Belgrade, since 1999. It was originally conceived as the unique message of love and partnership, which would encourage young couples to take this big step in life, knowing that love conquers all. In these 16 years over 2500 couples got married at the Collective Wedding events, not only from Serbia, but also from Macedonia, Montenegro, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, and even from China.


This year, on the 17th of May, almost 100 brides and grooms became newlyweds in the most exciting way with one big unanimously –I do! –And we were there to support them.


The campaign of promoting the Collective Wedding and raising awareness for TLC started a couple of weeks before the event. The main focus was online communication, since the event itself always attracts great attention in the “traditional” media. RTS, the public broadcaster in Serbia, each year does the live coverage of the Collective Wedding in the most influential TV Show “Žikina šarenica’’, with over 2 million viewers. Also, the radio and television broadcaster of the City of Belgrade –Studio B, covers the event, along with Politika, Večernje novosti news papers and many others.


The main output channel of online communication was TLC Srbija facebook page with two applications – Marry me and Best Wishes, at least 5 posts a day and 11 videos in total.


Formal Wedding at the City Hall

Collective Wedding is practically 2 days event.  The day before the main event, which took place on May 17th, the couples gathered at the City Hall for the formal wedding ceremony.


The special gift from TLC channel to all couples was "The line of hearts". The famous artist Goran Kosanović painted the unique Line of heart for each couple.


Collective Wedding

in the City Center

The preparation for a formal ceremony of Collective wedding on May 17th, started very early in the morning. Everyone gathered in downtown Belgrade. The Police Orchestra played for the newlyweds and led the wedding procession right to the City Hall. Everything is ready for live broadcast on RTS, the public broadcaster in Serbia. The newlyweds were presented with their own “Line of heart”.


The Wedding Procession

Then everyone took the ceremonial walk to Skadarlija. At the restaurant in Skadarlija, the newlyweds were greeted in the traditional Serbian manner. The newlyweds were presented with even more gifts.

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