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Prospan Cinema


Prospan Cinema

The company SALVEO representing both familiar and innovative pharmaceutical products of the German company Engelhard on the Serbian market including Prospan, Isla pastile and Nisita, so they decided to commemorate the mark the PROSPAN jubilee and to start a big humanitarian action of making children happy in various health centers throughout Serbia. The project is aimed to make children more comfortable when they are visiting their doctors.


SuperDot taks was to develop the concept of educational films to be broadcast to the youngest (cartoons and educational mini- films whose actors were doctors, nurses and children). The aim of educational film is to provide advice to the youngest about health, importance of prevention, going to the doctor, familiarization with health centers and clinics as well as to eliminate the fear of doctors. SuperDot branded the waiting rooms at seven health centers throughout Serbia SuperDot also did the creative concept of the theater, visual identity and branding.

ATL and BTL activities:

• scenario, recording and production of educational films intended for the youngest

• branded cinemas within the waiting rooms of health centers

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