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Dave Salmoni - Deadly Islands


Discovery Networks CEMEA

gala event in Belgrade/Serbia

Discovery Communications (NASDAQ: DISCO, DISCB, DISCK) is the world's leading media company specializing in factual (non-fiction) content, which has more than 1.5 billion cumulative subscribers in over 170 countries. Discovery encourages people to explore the world around them and trying to satisfy their curiosity amenities that are broadcast on more than 100 channels worldwide, most notably the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Science and Discovery HD. In addition, viewers can use a variety of educational and other products and services, as well as a wide portfolio of services in the field of digital media, including In Europe, Middle East and Africa, 12 Discovery brands reach up to 199 million cumulative subscribers in 103 countries with programming broadcast in 24 languages.


Organize an event for the largest media houses from Serbia, Bulgaria and Poland. Present them Discovery channels and their big premiere for the current year (Discovery, Animal Planet and TLC) as well as record videos with Animal Planet star Dave Salmoni.


Everest jump

Giving creative concept for the event, different ways of presenting different Discovery channels, as well as creating the presentation of the main event on the Discovery channel for the year 2014 "Everest jump".



Presentation of the impact of TV shows from the channel group Discovery Networks CEMEA at a gala event at the Yugoslav Film Archives. Recording, creative concept, measurement, branding space Yugoslav Film Archive. Creative concept for activation on boots, IDx, TLC Channel, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.


Animal Planet Quiz

Animal Planet - quiz related to the show Deadly islands on the tablet, where visitors answer questions, and won awards.

Cake Boss & Car Garage

• TLC channel - simulation confectioner Cake Boss, in which the decorator writhing messages on cupcakes.

• Disovery channel - simulation of the car garage, where guests could chouse a sticker thet was cutted on-site and simulated on computers for a certain type of car.

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