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Small school of diversity


Discovery Science

Small school of diversity

Superdot agency in cooperation with the Institute of Microbiology and Genetics, during Festival of Science, organized for the Discovery Science Channel "Small school of diversity" event in the ceremonial hall of the National Bank of Serbia. On that occasion, the promoters of the Institute of Microbiology and Genetics gave lectures about the origin of the DNA chain and the good side of bacteria from our environment.


Activation consisted of Photo Wall behind which visitors could be photographed and with that photo they can be part of the explanation how DNA structure in all of us is a little different from other terrestrial species. At the event visitors had fun and enjoyed the lectures and social games – DNK code, Memo game and Meet good bacterias.


DNA Code Game

DNA code is a game in which visitors are supposed to compose a specific word from the available DNA codes in the table. For each word correctly assembled in a certain time interval the visitors were given a prize consisting of gift packages - educational brochures (which explains how to isolate your DNA) and laboratory experiment equipment.


With this game, as an integral part of the presentation, the promoters of the Institute of Microbiology and Genetics explained the formation of DNA strands.



Memo game is based on the memory game. The task was to connect two identical pictures in the fewest moves. Pictures were presented in the form of good bacterias that have a positive impact on human health. Visitors who have successfully solved the task were given a gift package - Memory game and an educational brochure that explains the positive impact of good bacterias. Also the promoters of the Institute of Microbiology and Genetics gave technical explanations.


Meet the good bacteria

Marketing activation Meet the good bacteria is aimed at introducing visitors to the positive effects of good bacterias. It consisted of planting seeds of cereals in plastic containers with lecture of promoters of the Institute of Microbiology and Genetics on how good bacterias promote plant growth. During the lecture, visitors could take part in the demonstration and take the gift plastic cup which contained soil and the seed that has been treated with good bacterias and over time they could watch how the plant grows.

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