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Adventure Challenge


Celebrate Discovery Time

Discovery Adventure Challenge, June 12-14th

Discovery Adventure Challenge was dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of Discovery. The main theme of this year’s edition was TIME, since the anniversaries usually come with a moment of reflection about time passed, time spent, time invested. Therefore we prepared 30 time-related challenges competition among 5 teams. There were 65 participants from 5 countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. Discovery Adventure Challenge 2015 took place in a mountainous region in the western part of Serbia. The main location was Mećavnik, a traditional village built by Emir Kusturica, the famous Serbian film director. We also took the advantage of the entire region and some intact natural landscapes for truly exciting challenges.


Asteroid Day Lecture

by Dr. Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu

The official start of the event, on the evening of June 12th was dedicated to Asteroid Day, a global awareness movement. We were much honored to host an expert from the Romanian Space Agency Dr. Dumitru Prunariu, who gave a very interesting lecture about asteroids and introduced the Asteroid Day.


Discovery Adventure 30 Challenges

In a single day. It all started with the gathering of 5 teams and morning exercise in the public square boosted with very competitive workout challenges. Competition results were recorded on scoreboard during the whole event.


Yugo tuning Turbo Challenge

Ponikve airport was a perfect place for Turbo inspired challenges, starting with decomposing Yugo car interior and themed car decorating competition. Each team had exactly 30 minutes to show imagination and creativity in order to transform Yugo cars into amazing racing cars. The race itself was the most exciting drag race ever.


Canoning Adventure

After well deserved winner’s celebration, everyone headed to the canyon of Beli Rzav River for about 3 km long canyoning through rocks, cascades, and waterfalls with breathtaking sights, the curious topography and flora at times look as if defying the laws of physics.


Celebrate Discovery Time Party

The lighthearted mood was transferred through the evening and made the final challenges – the spices and rakija guessing, beer drinking and song recognition challenges, even funnier than expected and escalated into a great party and the perfect ending of Discovery Adventure Challenge 2015.

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