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Cake Boss Buddy Valastro in Belgrade


The star of the TLC show “Cake Boss”

Buddy Valastro visited Belgrade

Buddy Valastro, the star of TLC channel and one of the most recognizable TV faces around the world, has visited Serbia on June 1st 2015. The famous "king of cakes" came to Belgrade to meet fans from Serbia and to promote a new season of "Expert on the cake".


His arrival announced 2 weeks earlier in the most watched TV show “Žikina šarenica” and on TLC Srbija facebook page has aroused great attention. This single post had organic reach to over 50,000 people with 1,835 likes and over 100 thrilling comments.


Facebook app

I want to meet Buddy

The campaign continued on different media including 25 standard and 2 LED billboards in Belgrade, radio campaign with PR activities in one of the most popular radio shows on Index Radio with national coverage, different BTL activities, intensive online communication, with banners on various websites, which led to TLC Srbija facebook page and “I want to meet Buddy” APP with over 1,000 applicants who participated in a competition for Meet & Greet with Buddy Valastro.


Consumer event

Ušće Shopping Center

Buddy’s visit consisted of several events:

• Press events

• Consumer event

• B2B event –party

• SBB event

• Ivan Ivanovic TV show


It was covered with high interest by media representatives: two press conferences, many interviews and special guest-appearance in one of the very popular talk shows in Serbia.



Press Event was organized in the Cinaplexx, in Usce Shopping Center. Due to the flight delay, the first Press Event was held without Buddy Valastro's presence.


Considering the fact that the first press event was held without Buddy, the second one was organized on June 2nd, early in the morning. The interest of the journalists and various medias was enormous, many one on one interviews were taken with Buddy and the overall media coverage was very good.



The consumer event in Usce Shopping Center was the unique opportunity for numerous fans to see and greet Buddy Valastro. It was estimated that there were between 5,000 and 6,000 visitors. The event was hosted by a very popular Serbian MC and TV host Ivan Ivanovic. 


The best decorated

Serbian cake

For this occasion, Buddy Valastro selected the best Serbian decorated cake out of three typical Serbian motifs, selected by the fans on TLC Srbija facebook page: Djavolja Varos and Pirot rug, Tennis and Novak Djokovic, and Belgrade’s Fortress. The winning cake was Djavolja Varos and Pirot rug.


Meet and greet

with Serbian fans

The fans were totally thrilled. Everyone wanted to meet Buddy and take a photo with him, but only a few had the opportunity to really meet him, including the winner of “I want to meet Buddy” facebook competition. The atmosphere was so fantastic that even Buddy took a selfie with fans and posted it on his facebook page, instagram and twitter.


TLC party

Hotel Allure

TLC Party in honor of Buddy Valastro and his visit to Serbia was organized in Allure Hotel for business partners, agencies and media. With a couple of activation booths, TLC photo shooting backdrop, an elegant party hall with a DJ, a live band and performing artists, as well as some private meeting facilities, it was a perfect opportunity to meet and greet Buddy Valastro and have some fun.


“Evening with Ivan Ivanović”

TV Show Starring Buddy Valastro

"Vece sa Ivanom Ivanovicem" (Evening with Ivan Ivanovic) is one of the most popular TV Show in Serbia, hosted by Ivan Ivanovic, who was also MC at the Consumer Event in Usce Shopping Center. Overwhelmed with the attention Buddy has received from the fans, Ivanovic wanted to host Buddy in his show. The show was broadcast 2 weeks after the event and it was very successful.

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