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DVOIKA Studio represents a group of friends, inspired engineers, designers and other professionals, who design and produce high quality products. Our approach is based on personal need to redefined craftsmanship by interrelating industrial design, 3D product development, CNC manufacturing and old-fashioned handcrafting. We strive to sublimate our knowledge and many years of professional experience into new, exciting and passion driven projects.


In a life as we know, it can be truly challenging to realize the right time and the right place when the stars align and opportunities present for accomplishing one’s dreams. We are grateful for being fortunate enough to form our team under these ideal circumstances.

DVOIKA Logo Design

A new way of presenting an idea and the two entities, two men who participated in the design of products in the field of industrial design. The task was to clearly suggest geography and origin of the brand. We used simple and light forms and colors that symbolize the national flag of Serbia.


DVOIKA Factory Logo Design

The need to expand product concept emerged in DVOIKA production and has resulted in the design of a new logo, which is now used in brand communication and POS materials. Letters and background colors were also defined. The second segment DVOIKA logo is variable, and represents a certain segment of production within the main brand. The affiliation is visually complemented with square parentheses.



As a nature lovers, we wanted to create an object which will be our association to wind as a natural phenomenon in any space. Not only that, but also all positive energies that would not exist without the wind, namely those moments associated with skiing, sailing, mountaineering, mountain biking.


WOODEN Speaker

Nature has always been our inexhaustible source of inspiration. It relaxes and energizes us, just like music does. DVOIKA analog wooden speaker brings both together.


Thoughtfully designed, carefully crafted and made of exceptional natural material, it is a beatutiful piece of wood transformed into object. Our design uses wood to amplify the sound coming from the phone’s speakers, creating an acoustic effect. Place your mobile phone in and put the music on.


MIXTECA Sunglasses

La Mixteca is a country of great contrasts, shaped by mountains and mystical valleys plunging down to the sea. The land of ancient Mixtec the cloud people, people of the rain, whose descendants still walk the earth.


180 DEGREES Triangle Interior

You’ll be able to see the latest form of outdoor furniture, designed by DVOIKA Studio. It suggests unique simplicity, style and ease. Conceived as a new concept of sitting set, it can be integrated in different sceneries, even indoors. It symbolizes lightness and durability, elegancy and sharpness. Inspired by origami as folding objects from a single board, we created new product line “180 degrees” with two new pieces – a table and a chair, which can be assembled with just a few screws. The boards are made of composite material, 4 mm thickness, produced by Alubond USA. The material is not flammable, but our passion for beauty and style is.

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