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„PopUp is a temporary venture, building experience in line with the values of the brand it represents. A hybrid marketing model that helps build a close relationship with customers “.


"PopUp restaurant - opens on a specific location, works for a short time and then closes until the next opportunity or at the next location… .."


"The point is to offer the spirit of the brand, which is sometimes impossible in an every day environment… .."


Uglješa Vrcelj, owner and creative director of SuperDot Srbija for Adbooka

How it started

Like what was happening during the renaissance era in European courts, which became gathering places for a critical mass of artists, patrons, and energy to create great things from these meetings, our PopUp events create an enviroment for the growth and cultivation of new ideas, projects, initiatives.


"… ..In the beginning, we established Happy Friday, an event that over time took different forms. It used to be parties, sometimes concerts, film screenings, poetry readings, etc. Then we started cooking, first just for the team, later for friends and friends of friends. The atmosphere has always been phenomenal, so we wanted to offer to other people, whom we may not know, the opportunity to experience the essence of SuperDot - creativity and good atmosphere. This is how the concept of SuperDot PopUp restaurant was created, our answer to what is the absolute hype in the world… .. “


Nevena i Uglješa


What is SuperDot PopUp?

• The first SuperDot PopUp was held in 2017., and since then 20 events have been produced so far


• It is a long-awaited event for which a ticket more is always asked


• To attend the SuperDot PopUp restaurant, you need to pay for the ticket and to enjoy the synesthetic pleasure composed of selected music, the best wines, and food from the hands of passionate chefs


• Agency mechanisms for event preparation are turned on after administrative working hours and work for the clients


• The space of the SuperDot agency can accommodate a limited number of guests (36 sitting places, and some events have hosted 70 guests per night).


• The menu of food and drinks is carefully chosen and fitted, the food is procured from reliable suppliers, producers, winemakers, bakers, and other gastronomic experts. The recipes are an eclectic mix of local, worldly, exotic, traditional


• Music programs are produced in cooperation with the organization Multikultivator


• In the SuperDot team there are no professional chefs, restaurateurs or sommeliers, we just have enough hedonistic talents and experiences so we can create an unforgettable experience.


• Friends who are professionally engaged in this type of work, and whose advice and support have helped in the production of this idea


• Our guests are our dear clients, their friends, partners, colleagues, personas from the public life of Belgrade and beyond, businessmen, creatives, managers, and operatives


The music segment of the program has a mission to educate and to bring a unique musical experience in just 40-50 minutes, the experience you can't get anywhere else. At PopUp concerts, you will not hear the mainstream, but music with a pedigree that the performers have prepared especially for us.


Collegium Musicum, Tzootzoonga, Ming Vocal Quartet, Belgrade Philharmonic String Quartet, No boundaries duo, Sanja Markovic & Milena Jancuric Quintet, Shake & Spear, an armada of Belgrade DJs…


Creating an atmosphere for the exchange of ideas, plans, new projects, and endeavours is the mission of every PopUp. The ideas for the mostof th e campaigns we produced were born right at PopUp evenings.


The June PopUp was the only one during 2020. With respect and application of all prevention measures, holding the event outdoors and at safe distances between guests and participants. Being the only one, this event is even more precious to us.


While we all eagerly await the normalization of our lives, SuperDot PopUp restaurant is not working, but ideas for the sequel are being refined, and we can’t wait to proceed!


„People will forget what you said, they will also forget what you did, but they will never  forget how you made them feel.”


 Maja Angelou

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